Digital Telephone Systems

Practical, affordable & fast business communication

Digital technology has opened the door to low cost, fast moving telephone communications that are packed with more features and advantages than an analogue signal could handle.

If the following features and benefits match your business needs, perhaps a digital telephone system is for you.

Must have business features

  • Multiple models and peripherals
    Digital phones can meet the needs of a front desk, conference room, supervisor or remote worker and offer additional expansion modules, superset models and headsets.
  • User friendly
    Manage your telephone network with easy-to-use interfaces, call logs, self-labelling keys, simplified administration and more.
  • Rich functionality
    Packed with capability, digital telephones offer a high level of service such as switchboard operations, built-in hold music, call forwarding, IVR menus, time of day settings, ring groups and multiple inbound / outbound routes.
  • Call conferencing
    No need to postpone your meeting, a conference call brings internal and external participants together virtually.
  • Voicemail
    Receive and store voice messages using a digital answering machine complete with advanced management tools.
  • Call queues
    Alert and update employees of the number of customers waiting in a calling queue with notifications and timed reminders.
  • Call screening
    Evaluate telephone calls prior to answering, using caller ID, to decide whether you want to take or how you want to approach the call.
  • Call transfers
    Maintain 100% call availability and high service levels by transferring calls to extensions, landlines or mobile phones.
  • Call diversions
    Divert outgoing calls to another phone over the Internet at great reduced costs.
  • Customisation
    Personalise your telephone service with bespoke greetings and system messages set up for each employee.
  • Unlimited extensions
    Setup follow me extensions for your remote workers.
  • No additional wiring
    When setting up your digital telephone system you can make use of existing LAN network cabling, removing the need for independent wiring.
  • Multiple circuits
    Using Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) digital telephones can accommodate numerous landline circuits.

Benefits your business will welcome

  • Voice travels as data – reduced call charges
    As voice data is transferred swiftly over telephone lines, call charges do not apply, which is particular beneficial for multi site operations. Additional cheap rate call routing options also give you very flexible and affordable tariff plans.
  • One channel for lots of voices – efficient and economical
    Multiple voice channels are transmitted over a common communication path which is far more economical when compared to the number of equivalent analogue lines that would be required.
  • Future proofing – option to upgrade later
    Secure the option of upgrading your system to integrate with a VoIP network that will provide further cheap or unlimited nationwide and international calling.
  • Voice clarity – conversations that flow
    Crystal clear voice calls are solved through digital telephones. You’ll receive improved sound without any interference, so whether you’re making a local, long distance, international or conference call, the quality of voice will be as clear as if you were talking face to face. We do have to admit however that the richest sound quality come from analogue.
  • Self-fixing – high quality for every call
    Using the art of binary coding digital telephones automatically know exactly what you should hear when a voice reaches your ear. This means it can correct any errors that may have occurred in the data transfer before they get to you, as a result you are left with clear, distortion-free conversations.
  • Freedom to roam –suits your working methods
    Give employees the choice to take calls at their desk or talk as they walk. Digital telephones easily adapt to integrate with DECT cordless technology and in doing so it they continue to offer a clear distortion free signal. The range beats analogue sets by providing an initial range of approximately 50m indoors and up to 300 outdoors.
  • More memory – giving you more functionality
    Internal memory is far greater with digital phone systems allowing for improved call function and handling.
  • Minimal bandwidth – faster and cheaper service
    Digital telephone cables have the advantage of being able to compress data, resulting in much less bandwidth used than an analogue service.
  • Combined cabling –saving you time and money
    Digital telephones use the same type of cable as data uses for the internet, therefore saving you installation and additional cable fees. However, it’s worth noting that shared cabling could result in occasional delays and drops during prime time parts of the day and secondly, unexpected power outages will cause the telephone service to stop running, which is not the case with traditional landline services.
  • Full support – a flexible solution
    Digital telephones provides the full functionality of a normal phone including the ability to transmit voice, video or data and are supported by any type of technology such as Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT), Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN), Internet Protocol (IP), Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) or Session Initiation Protocol (SIP).

If the features and benefits of a digital phone suit your business send us a quote today.