Hosted Telephone Systems

The best technology for all businesses

Hosted telephone systems use Cloud and IP technology put the most advanced business applications in the hands of any business thanks to the power of the internet.

Greater flexibility, maximum scalability and massive cost savings are the main attractions; if these appeal to you then find out more about the features and benefits below.

Bigger and better features

  • Off-site storage
    Store your data and make and receive phone calls using off-site servers and telecoms networks which you can access from any location via an internet connection.
  • Full functionality
    Hosted systems offer all the functions you’d expect from a traditional system and more. This includes: email, voice to email, contacts, calendar, web meetings/conferencing, sharing and instant messaging, document storage, sharing and collaboration.
  • Call routing
    If employees are busy or away from their desk, incoming calls can be received at a different location. Any phone such as one in another office, at home or a mobile can pick up the call.
  • Free extensions
    One single system enables you to run extensions throughout multiple sites and make calls to each other free of charge.
  • Integration
    Integrate your IT and mobile phone communications into the main telephone system and all your business phones will work in harmony together to create one giant operating platform.
  • Virtual Call Center
    Should you have a specific project or department that is expecting an influx of calls you can set up a dedicated call center in minutes; agents simply take calls using any phone and anywhere.
  • Voice menu system
    Create a custom, interactive voice response phone system that answers incoming calls and then routes them according to your requirements. The system can be set as an auto attendant that is managed using a virtual switch board or as a ring group that directs calls to specific members of your team.
  • Voice Broadcasting
    Manage campaigns or mass calling requirements using automated phone calls. Employees pre-record a message which can then be sent to a managed list of recipients.
  • Call Tracking & Reporting
    Create specific numbers that require call tracking and follow your call results via real-time reporting. Find out calls made, calls received, call duration and the cost down to the second.
  • Store/Office Locator
    Route customer calls according to the caller’s whereabouts so you can put them in touch with their nearest store or office and customise their greetings.
  • Database integration
    Use your telephone system along side your CRM to automatically make follow up calls to your customers and post the findings back to your database.

The benefits every business wants

  • Affordable services
    With a hosted telephone system no service is out of reach, so you can maximise your business operations for small fees per user, per month.
  • No expensive set up or equipment
    Most of the equipment that you need to run your telephone system is available to you virtually. You simply rent managed server space at a secure location and it’s ready for immediate use.
  • Flexible working
    Now, you don’t even need your telephone to make a call. Your laptop can act like a phone from anywhere in the world and receive exactly the same calling service.
  • Remote management
    Administer your system needs remotely with the flexibility to make changes and upgrade or downsize at any time. There’s no greater flexibility than being able to access and manage your data at any time from any location and this in turn makes your business perform far more efficiently.
  • Automatic upgrades
    You no longer need to worry that your software is out-of-date, as all software upgrades are taken care of at no additional cost.
  • Security
    The level of security provided by an external unit is incomparable to your in-house facilities.Your system will benefit from several control systems that support full power, environmental and technical issues, as well as disaster recovery with back-up and retrieval.
  • Constant peak performance
    A hosted server is not dependent on local power or internet to stay in operation, therefore connection can never be lost and your system can constantly run at peak performance levels. If power failure of internet connection fails, calls are quickly and easily relocated to mobile and remote phones.
  • Improved customer service
    The many features and benefits of a hosted telephone system automatically raise your customer service levels. Each customer can experience a professional greeting, with improved availability and relevant service.
  • Single solution
    One system to cover multiple locations; hosted systems offer businesses corporate-wide access to the same system features and benefits, while projecting the company  as one  single unit to its customers.

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